Reviews for "//Necropolis Synergy"

I love your shit man

It's original and fresh

very diferent from the shit in NG

i like the story, some stereotype aint all bad i guess the animation was pretty awsome, to me the story had no...well nothing to remember much but over all in 7 minutes told a lot. hope you keep doing more gnarly stuf man. a lil more of a deep story and you got yourself a fan

amazing boondocks shoutout

amazing!! loving the anime urban twist, very hard to pull it off without seemingly ripping off anime style, perfect execution

Burger donut!

Art: Distinctly Jazz, as always. Nice picture of you. Clouds were a tad pixelated.
Animation: seemed a little choppy. You should try throwing in some tweens just for the frame-by-frame work.
Style: also distinctly Jazz. Change nothing.
Story: added some useful information about the Necropolis universe; bonus points for re-introducing the Cassidy brothers and Kiara. Still wondering if you'll bring back Kayle.
Sound: still a little muffled. You need a proper recording station at some point.

Overall: good fare. Deserves a slot on Adult Swim. Also, BURGER DONUT!

JazLyte responds:

And burger donuts make everything better :D

Sweet deal, but to answer your question...

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Any way I get your message, lots of religius institutions love to fight and be right as opposed to sharing their message. And no doubt if blow came to blow that kinda world is very possible here u kno. Its kind of a joke. People willing to Kill over what they believe in is one thing, but its another when what they believe mentions nothing about killing or enforcement in the first place, im speaking of the Bible, namely new testament. Like the crusaids all over again..whata joke.

Any way on to the animation. Stellar, like most of your work. I loved it, It has every right to be on the front page. Killer story, sweet animation, lovely beat selection, SOLID action sequence the voices got a little choppy from time to time but thats the only negative. You had everything a good story needed.

Can't wait for more :)