Reviews for "//Necropolis Synergy"

Really good

One of the best animations I've seen on Newgrounds. Alot of style and great animation.

The echo you added to the voice to make it sound like they're in a warehouse needs to be toned down. Sounded more like speaking in a tunnel.

Love it

It's really rare to find diamonds in the rough of the latest submissions, but wow this is fantastically well-made. This better get front page.

sick nasty man!

that was badass! the fighting is immaculately done - its so much fun to watch
2 things:

- he forgot to wipe when he got off the crapper!!!

-which character was paperbat?

JazLyte responds:

Preciate it Red =D Yes, the whole time he was fighting, he had shit on his cheeks, and Paperbat was the church boy Jazz was arguing with.


This is a rather interesting story and unique in its own way. I don't just want to see more. I expect to see more from this.


Dawg yo skills keep gettin better and better!

Only thing i can say thats wrong wit it is the echo/reverb sound you used to point out that they were in some sort of warehouse type area.

But other than that this is A-1 material! The story line is being more defined.

The action scenes are outstanding!
The characters are unique.
The animation is smooth and it looks really original. (F*** all yall who think this looks anything like Boondocks!)

Overall this is just amazing.

And lol at your pic in that one scene lmfao!

JazLyte responds:

There catching the first review haha, preciate it Kid =D