Reviews for "//Necropolis Synergy"

Don't get it.

Think i even watched one other episode of this story and was left confused as to what the #### is going on there.Same with this one.I just get the story,nor really try to get to know it i guess.The characters seem plain also.Might just be my bad.

The animation itself could be more smoother.Felt too fast paced at times and rough on the edges.But that is your style i guess.
The male voice also went like in one ear and right out the next ear.So it was like someone talking on the background somewhere.

Funny stuff

Good animation, decent music and voices,all around good job...

yo you are the man yo

Really great animation, very good song, and fun. in other words AWESOME


Nice job Jazz! I'm happy you finally submitted this lol :)

*high five* TOTAL SUCCESS

JazLyte responds:

Thx vanilla bear =D

woah woah woah was he smoking a black and mild?

yup i saw the filter and it's funny cuz that fart prolly dont smell no where near as bad. but yeah bro good ish it's good to somebody holdin it down like u are. keep it up