Reviews for "//Necropolis Synergy"

it was pretty good

the animation was great and the comedy was pretty good to i would have to say i mean the story jumped around some inches but you could easily fix that if you plan on making another one but hell i liked it!

Hey, here's something new. =P

I would usually rate this material as quite mediocre, but I feel compelled to give it higher ratings because of its originality, in the end the plot is the most important thing, and that is pretty original.

The animation and graphics are good. But all that's missing here is a little more flow. I found it a little hard to get into; I'm still not exactly sure what was going on exactly even though I understand the background. Unless the narrative is supposed to be shady, I think what is needed here is something to fill in the gaps between speech. Be it ambient environment sounds, movement / actions, or facial expressions. I think that this has the potential to be even better.

Oh and by the way, VOICE ACTORS, some of you have some acoustics in your recording rooms, and it really spoils the atmosphere when someone talks outside, and it sounds like their indoors. So I recommend finding a way to record outside or in a more sound-proofed room.

JazLyte responds:

Thanks for the review =) Storytelling and pacing is something I'm still trying to get down pat, so understandable. I would drag my laptop outside and record but my mic's pretty old/cheap and I have to doctor alot of the acting at least for myself (I play the big black guy), so wind and stuff would probably end up being taken out. However, during all the outside scenes I did add background ambiance as much as possible, but I'll keep working on that.

So awesome.

I was wondering why this disappeared at first, but after finding out that you'd been given more upload room, well, I can see that this is way--WAY cooler than I had at first though.


The humor, though adult in most parts, is great. Voice acting's great, even if the "I don't wanna die" part feels a little cliched.

Loved the Monday riot scene, and the "holy" cheeseburger.

Just might get to watching more of this stuff, because this has me very interested.

very diferent from the shit in NG

i like the story, some stereotype aint all bad i guess the animation was pretty awsome, to me the story had no...well nothing to remember much but over all in 7 minutes told a lot. hope you keep doing more gnarly stuf man. a lil more of a deep story and you got yourself a fan


Simply great. I'm sure the quality problem has to do with compressing, so I don't know what Weedr0x is talking about. It was fine even with compression. The voice acting was good, but they did seem a little dull.
9/10 5/5