Reviews for "//Necropolis Synergy"

Pretty good

'You man, you got my cheddar burger?' was great, I actually laughed. The fight was really good, it felt fluid and like you weren't trying to reuse frames. I didn't so much enjoy the story leading up to the finale but the whole thing worked itself out. I look forward to more.


This is a rare breed of flash video here on newgrounds. One that merges excellent animation for some actual bloody debt. Great job making it and I'm looking foward to seeing more.


liked the animation and the fight sceens hopfully there will be more and the story will unroll a lot more in the next one

I can see alot of time was put into this

I liked the action involved with this movie and the artstyle. it highly reminded me of boondocks. but thats about all i liked. didnt really follow the story got sidetrack and just gave up cause it didnt have much drive to it. but it gets a well deserved 4 for me because the voice acting artwork and action.


"shitty generic manga"

..10/10 nigguh

JazLyte responds:

believe it.