Reviews for "//Necropolis Synergy"


Did his chetter burger catch a bullet? I'd be so mad >:(

Great flash, funny as always, Good stuff ^.^

Animation was good but...wt!?

Dialogues were kidna confusing, but the concept was great.

tickle tickle!

This is definitely an amazing flash. Good shit, mayne. You da bess mayne. You deed eet.

JazLyte responds:

RetributionVox rox my sox.


I was laughing my ass of all though it. Especially when the cheeseburger had a bullet hole though it. That face was priceless!!

like the story

lol the hypocrisy of church is all too common isn't it. i liked the action and the interesting story. the frame-by-frame fighting must have taken a lot of effort! nice job.