Reviews for "//Necropolis Synergy"


wut jazz sayin iz da truth. every religion has a piece of the puzzle i always thought of that shit and now sum1 knows wut im thinkin. thats the damn truth

Makes you think...

Had a little bit of everything action, sexual themes, and some serious shit too.
I love the subtle Naruto and McDs jokes and I have no complaints about the flash... I just wish you had the links to the music like the first Necro flash.

JazLyte responds:

Yeah, it it's non-Audio portal though, sorry :/


This is wack out man!


kinda like a post apocalyptic bookdocks mixed in with some mofoery....


honestly i love the series point blank period this one i like this one the most cuz its relates to alot of shit ppl think today im a christian and personally i kinda feel jazz on the question he asked yet i feel the question shall be answered wen i meet god. but anywho i love the animation,the voice acting and the comedy the music is always great i think the story line is perfect keep it the way it is my only question is wat happened to the other dude from the devil slayer flashes?