Reviews for "//Necropolis Synergy"

Imagine this is a Movie

If you imagine that this is a movie...what would happen if people saw this scene where you just start getting preachy and talking about god and religion, plus a bunch of random filler that makes addition to the plot? People will leave. The style and art are great and the story concept is sound, but the acting and worthless filler just turns this series into jargon. Sure, it was suppose to portray real life and religion is a focal point...but it just drooled on and on...

Incidentally, I just watched a review of a crappy movie called Axe Em.' Watch that movie and don't repeat what they did.

belongs on adult swim.

looks like a mix of multiple shows off of cartoon network, perdy good!

very nice and funny to

the fight scene was good and fluid made me wanna go out and bust some heads and the end was hilarious

Expensive "Tacos"

This is really good!
cool animation, story and characters

That's weird.

For i second I could sworn had a taste of Samurai Champloo in my mouth.
Well, whether this a a message for "Enlightening" religious people or not. this was a pretty good.