Reviews for "//Necropolis Synergy"

Good animation....Bad story

Yeah what i said but there!

The story wasn't all there, but the visuals were good so still gets a high score


One of the best flashes on Newgrounds.

The animation was excellent, very smooth and full of hidden jokes (the newspaper when the Dude's on the toilet, something about Tom Fulp and Justin Timberlake... genius).

The music was nice and fit really well, it was at the right volume so it didn't drown anything out.

The plot... well, I had no idea what was going on, though with the explanation at the beginning and the progression of the story, I kind of pieced it together. Though I don't understand who those guys were at the end who the protagonists were fighting.

The voice acting was absolutely amazing, it was extremely convincing. It seemed to flow so well, and the interaction between characters felt really genuine.

You can tell that there was heaps of effort put into this, it shone through in every scene. Stuff like this deserves to be in the top 50 of all time, it was just a pleasure to watch.

Keep up the great work!

ha ha lol

that was epicly funny and god like 10/10

As always...

I SAVE THE DAY! The story makes perfect sense to me...but that may just be because I saw these videos long ago on bulletins Jazz posted. From what I understand there is an assassin group, that will be mercenaries on either side just whoever pays more, and do what they need to survive. This is a parallel to the first part of the story where Elixir died. Which means unless more characters are being introduced the next part will be back to Romeo I believe. This one showed a much grittier side of their city because it was showing how life is for other people that are effected by the war. The story is beautiful. It just shows how N*gga Moment + N*gga Synthesis = Complete Disaster.


Well, the fight sceans are awsome and the animation itself, too...
Story has no sence and I just don't get it... but it's still cool cuz it's Necropolis!