Reviews for "//Necropolis Synergy"


I love your scene of humor, always have. Pretty much every movie you've done is good but I have to say this one is a lot more funny then your previous and the animation is more smooth too. I do wish you would finish some of your previous movies though like the Devil Slayer series.

I'm guessing that the picture of a guy in this was you.

Well it's ok

The animation is nice and fluide,the voice's are ok but i had to play the video 3 or 3 time because of some part like in the church,story is ok but not very original.

Good one but it's not something i would look everyweek.

nice ending.....

idk what this shits bout but its a cool vid they went through hell and bullets just to get a donut thats some bullshit but its a cool vid 10/10 5/5


I love this installment, and the ending cracked me up.

Mind telling me that fight song in scene 5?

JazLyte responds:

It's called Wolfnam by Shadowfox2, but it's not in the portal, sorry :/

Holy Shit

if i could id give you 11/10 6/5 but unfortunately i cant, great animation, voice acting, even the story backs it up.