Reviews for "//Necropolis Synergy"

What the hell happened, man?

It's been forever since I've seen any of your flashes on the front page! Have you just not been making many or has the NG crew just not been liking your stuff?
You make some seriously epic flash...

JazLyte responds:

This is the first flash I've actually put effort into since last year, that might have something to do with it lol. In between the Necrotoons I've just been making spam for shits. One of them did get front page though, needless to say I shat myself.

a masterpiece

fuckin amazing. the voice acting was brilliant, the plot is interesting and well stated, the action was awesome. just a great job on absolutely everything. i loved that it had humor in it too just to show it doesnt take itself too seriously. really great job, only suggestion is... well nevermind, lol. no suggestions. just awesome

That was...

Awesome only problem... i wish i could give it more then 10 stars.. good job

nice dood

this is probuble what the fucher holds. sciens vs. riligon i mean. but one thing bothers me. why is every one ither black or mexican. not trying to be raecist but thats just something i knotied. but cool vid dood.

Im not a big fan.

its incredible quality, but the story and plot seems to fall short of that quality that the animation seems to succeed in.

it's some where between serious, but a joke at the same time, and leaves me feeling totally estranged.

It's like the Boondocks from adultswim, but in space? or the future?