Reviews for "//Necropolis Synergy"


This was just awful. The story line made no sense and the audio was crap. good job


storyline and the setting are just awesome i like it alot great job

now with black commercials!

lol interesting story line


Excellent! It's so cool!

Burger donut!

Art: Distinctly Jazz, as always. Nice picture of you. Clouds were a tad pixelated.
Animation: seemed a little choppy. You should try throwing in some tweens just for the frame-by-frame work.
Style: also distinctly Jazz. Change nothing.
Story: added some useful information about the Necropolis universe; bonus points for re-introducing the Cassidy brothers and Kiara. Still wondering if you'll bring back Kayle.
Sound: still a little muffled. You need a proper recording station at some point.

Overall: good fare. Deserves a slot on Adult Swim. Also, BURGER DONUT!

JazLyte responds:

And burger donuts make everything better :D