Reviews for "//Necropolis Synergy"

eeh yeah

good animated, and very futeristic, but i did not understand anything that was happening

It's ambitious

Kudos to all voice actors and patient animators. There are funny scenes here and there. It's good overall.

grand spankin

i really liked the art and everything, but what really made it fantasmos was the music in the last fight scene. seriously, that fight scene and music reminded me of ghost in the shell. finding a cartoon that reminds me of ghost in the shell is pretty darn good on my standards.
the only thing that held it back from a 10/10 was that guy jacking off. that creeped me out, and the voice acting. otherwise, good work
so yeh, great job, especially on the music.

Pretty Average

I have to say this flash have good amount of art work and styles to keep me entertain. But I'm quite sorry to say that the rest just seem to about average.

The characters are quite all over the place, I could slightly recognize the main character which is the one guy that I happen to forget his name...lol. So next time be sure to have characters name repeated more often. For the first few minutes try not to change the supporting characters appearance too much, I don't know if it just me but I hardly recognize anybody through out the flash

The back ground story are confusing, first I thought the people was protesting over some "stem cell research"(pulling out of my ass here). But then when it switched to the protagonist its all about atheist fighting christians? Next time be sure to better your story telling and give time for the audience to digest all the stuff in. I know this is Newground stuff, but if you wanted to go with a slightly serious story you might wanna reconsider.

Finally the fight sequence, this also tie in with the problem with the unrecognizable characters. Throughout the last fight scene, I couldn't tell wtf was going or why did they fight. Not only that I can hardly tell who's the main char and who his side kick.

If I was being quite harsh...I'm not...I'm just speaking my mind and I'm trying to help you improve, if I was harsh well I guess I could say sorry but in the end it just up to you to listen or not. But I say I really did enjoy the BoonDock style animation, I was quite amaze at how u were capturing the feel of Boondock so well....good luck on your next flash.


good art work
good premise
solid story
decent plot
work on your voice acting and recording equipment.