Reviews for "//Necropolis Synergy"


Visually this is masterpeice. This is perhaps exactly what flash should be, something a creative mind would create. I love the idea of a creationism/evolution conflict. I think though the main character may be an athiest he's considered to be more of a centralesc type character, meaning he's not for Evolution or the Church really. Mabey I'm over thinking it. However, Nuttymama is a complete idiot for thinking of it as "blacks and violence" or whatever the asinine comment was. Even if the sound isn't the greatest the way it's done makes up for it. It's almost poeticly done I think, all revolving aroun a central point. This is something I wish I could make.

Sound problems...

Visually SOLID. However, your audio is inaudible. You put waaay too heavy of a filter on that church scene. The reverb was just too much. And also your voice actors' mics need to be better. They need an upgrade. A great visual entity is nothing without great audio duality. Also clear up your recorded enunciations. I'm not saying to change your accents and inflections, but be more crisp. Think Boondocks: accented, but still clear, again, I think a microphone upgrade would REALLY help with that.
In closing, your animation is amazing, your coupling with audio defaces the HARD work you've put in. So that lowers the score largely for me. How well would a movie with no sound do in theaters? Hope this doesn't seem harsh. But, it needs a step up in quality.


I think this is awsome keep it up...and to Nuttymama : that was a stupid comment most animes are asians/violence why is it dumb because its blacks/violence? Its about damn time people start makeing cartoons that arent majority whites/Asians and no im not black...probably the whitest kid on my street...sadly lol

JazLyte responds:

And I appreciate your review/defense, thankyou whitest kid on your street, I still love you!

Anime or Movie

I could honestly see this becoming a real anime or a movie. I'm not talking about a cheesy anime i'm talking about one kinda like cowboy bebop its got that kinda feel to it. The reason I give it a 9 though is because that part at the end was way to corny, other than that great job.

pretty ill Jazz

LMAO Pres. Fulp in loves with Senator Timberlake

JazLyte responds:

HE IS??!?!?!