Reviews for "Rwd 033: Harmonica Mouth"

I say!

Capital idea, good music to!

next time

Reveal the odd scenes .. but I gues imaginating those scenes are more funny then wathing'em .. great work :)

Not bad....

I guess that was good but u have a small lack of imagination, you chould have thought of more stuff like: kissing her, that she has some "Harmonica friends".........


Great job with the noses!


I watched this while breathing into my harmonica and feeling smug, as if having a harmonica with me made me better than everyone else watching. Then I giggled to myself, and all of a sudden felt really lonely.

Anyway, great submission. Your choice with the colours in this one really lent something to it, and looked great with your style. In fact I'd like to see you experiment with colour schemes like this more often.
On top of that this is a great gag and made me feel like going and making something. Only I won't because I'm lazy.