Reviews for "Rwd 033: Harmonica Mouth"


I was disapointed you didn't made the sex scene.
It would have won quite some laughter.

-_-'' ah... My Nemisis.

When i was a Lad, in my innocent 6 years or so, a girl that lived in my street played the Harmanica all day and all night.
One day i went to her and asked her; " Hey girl, why are you playing the Harmanica all the time...?"
She answerd my quistionwith a shivering scream; "Ughara Twhaaa!" and ran towards me with a crazy look on her face and eyes.
Since that incident, I've learned two lessons:
1) Always assume everyone is mental.
2) If you hear a Harmanica you better start running boy.

Yotam you my Hero! also Im getting drafted on the 26/7 this year! next month!! :o
Still dodnt forfilled my dear of creating a flash clip before getting recruted to the army.. ;\ Oh Well

Pretty funny

I liked this pretty much, due to the fact that it had such a silly premise. It could have worked more if there were some more jokes, but still an entertaining little clip. I like all the little weird details you put into the animation, like their noses' shape and nose color. It was interesting of you to use that audio, as I thought maybe you did not make it yourself. I also like how the letters "Mouth" seem to just jump around. It was an interesting entry into the "RWD" series, whatever that means.

LazyMuffin responds:



That almost made no sense! All of your flashes are hilarious! Keep 'em up!


I don't think it should be rated E because it says bitch in giant red letters right after talking about sex

LazyMuffin responds:

They say bitch on the TV, don't worry.