Reviews for "Rwd 033: Harmonica Mouth"


Awesome dude! I loled through the whole animation. keep up the awesome dude!

As allways awesome!!1!

Your type of jokes, the animation flow, the gorgeous choice of music (yours or not) allways perfet.. good work.. happy late birthday and welcome back from the army hoping to see more nice stuff from you!! Respect


Some people just have no sense of humor. I thought it was funny as hell. I do agree you should have had a sex scene. You could have made it just all black and the sounds she makes. That would have given me a good laugh too!

LazyMuffin responds:

The opinions about the sex scene is 50-50, a lot of people liked that they had to imagine how that would be instead of seeing it.


Loved it. She sounds like a Transformer c:


i ussually like your work but man.....this was just bad.
i did get one laugh at the coughing though.

LazyMuffin responds:

3 point laugh! nice!
Don't worry, it's not for everyone.