Reviews for "Exit Path"

its a big game MAMA!


keep moving and flow!


Amazing game extremely hard.. Those axes are insane sometimes

easy at first

but when the sign said "THERE IZ NO FREEDOM" and as i went to stage 18 it becamealmost imposible to me but goood game

great game

this game is freackin amazing. is there another on coming?


This is what one should call a game. This is an amazing example as to the main criteria of a succesful falsh game being followed.
Let me start off by discussing the gameplay: The controls had a very precise response time, leading to the lack of cheap deaths, which is a really good factor.
The "Flow" powerup was an interesting aspect in the game, though i did not find myself using it far too often, excluding the areas where it is mandatory for passing the game.
The difficulty level was just spot on-it gave me a bit of a challenge and not too much, so as not to be a total bore or a pain in the a**.
Now, this is probably a good time to mention, that i am not a big fan of achievements, and at first, when i saw the achievement implementation in this game, i was not interested in completing any of the achievements, included in the game. But after a while, they actually got interesting. I do have one piece of advice i would like to share at this point, and that is-you could have used the achievement system as a unlock option for hidden levels. Then again, doing that with such a story-based and linear game like this is a bit hard, but i am sure there is a way for it to be implemented, without ruining the balance throughout the game.
Overall: 10\10 for the gameplay mechanics.
Now, onto the next factor: Graphics.
I am a fan of simplistic graphics, so this game immediately made my day. I was a bit concerned at first if the mostly black tones would not overpower the game with gloominess throughout the story, but the contrast between the white and black items in the game balanced it out very well.
The use of colors, other than ones in the area of gray tones gave the game some atmosphere, which was a very good factor throughout the game experience.
One thing i disliked was the lack of a feature to turn off the rewind animations. I mean, when someone constantly dies at a specific point in the game, it kind of gets a bit out of hand.
Overall: 9\10 for the graphical detail in the game.
Finally: The story.
The story very much reminds me of Portal, mainly due to the techy environment and terminology used in the game's story, giving for a modern atmosphere. When i saw the bloody sign, which said "there is no freedom", it immediately reminded me of the "The Cake Is a Lie". :3
The technological terms were very well chosen and implemented, giving a feeling of a well rounded out plot.
Overall: 10\10 for the story.

This, as i said in the beginning of this review, is an example for a great game. I hope to see you make a sequel or a map pack for this game, since it was a really fun experience for me, and i would like to revisit it in the future.
Game score:9.8\10
That is all, hope to see more awesome work from you in the future. ;)