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Reviews for "Exit Path"

Damn slick, yo.

Okay that was ridiculously good. Another jmtb02 gem!

What a great start to my morning!

This is an awesome game. I wake up to find this on the bottom of my page as a suggestion for games - and now I'm a bit addicted. It's challenging and doable enough to keep playing. I really like the idea of having to perform for people within a stadium in order to earn freedom - then having to be physically tested. I really want to see more games like this. Thanks for the great morning-start.

and now i am

still alive

Very engageing!

The game looks, plays and flows very smoothly. The story kind of has a Portal/Mirrors Edge feel to it, I love it!


I found this to be a great game to play. It was quite amusing, daring, and fun.

The graphics were pretty nice. Really liked how interesting it got right as soon as you "finish" the game and find out someone had written in blood that they would be trapped there for awhile.

The game play was fun and I enjoyed being able to make a custom little stick figure to run and complete courses with. The funner part is watching yourself rewind to the point of where you died to the last check point you hit. I found the later levels to be fun yet challenging sine the swinging axes, spikes, and lasers made this game very good.

The audio was pretty nice as well and livened up the game by a lot.

Overall, a very fun and quickly addicting game.