Reviews for "Exit Path"

Pretty damned good game!

10/10 man, was fun and ate up some of my time, I even went back and played it to see if i couldn't do a whole level without dying! Really fun to play and of course very addicting in my cae XD
10/10 man!

And lol @ the 1 rater, obviously someone can't beat the game and is complaining about it XD

frustrating but great

A very good game, simple but effective landscape and graphics. The 30 stages were quite frustrating, but I understand that its a challenging game =) Keep it up!

Just Great!

Just Great!!!the end is the bestpart ;)


That was a stylish game.
Well made and fun to play.


this game amazing, better than most games i have played. and i dont get why all these people say its hard, its really not, time your jumps right. and id like to know how the controls are hard? all you use is the arrow keys and spacebar....how complicated is that? but good job man. keep the games cranking out.