Reviews for "Exit Path"

great game

kinda reminds me of Tron

Another fantastic game

You make the best games ive ever seen and this one is no exception. You should really make a sequel cause like your other games, its fantastic.

A well polished platformer.

Stylized graphics: 10/10
Storyline: 10/10
Appropriate sound and music: 9/10
Neat story: 10/10
Gameplay, level design and replay value: 23/30
Overall score: 52/60

I love the story line: of a lonely individual trying to escape a life of oppression and deception; braving rather gruesome fates to get his/her freedom.
This game reminds me of Portal with its witty dark death pan humour, and those intricate false promises by "The Government" of a slice of the cake of freedom.
The dark background, illuminated only by lime lights, gives the impression of a high security prison (with deadly automated defences instead of guards).

The gameplay is challenging with plenty of cool deadly mechanisms such as giant pendulum axes and lasers, but never frustrating, as checkpoints are placed at regular intervals.
The controls were responsive, and the character physics well done.

My only gripe with this game, is that its a bit short, and the replay value somewhat limited.

Overall I enjoyed your game:
Rated 5/5
Voting power 4.55 votes

what the hell its crazy hard

its really freakin hard and its awsome and plus great music

So hard

Finally beat it, it was an amazing game