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Reviews for "Exit Path"

Awesome ;p

I have no words for how much I love this game. Exit Path is genuinely part of my childhood and it lingers in my psyche to this day. This game taught me a lot about how to weave an environment, and it did it in ten minutes. Though its lighting and such hasn't quite aged well, no one can really blame it considering when it was made. The music weaves everything together, though - Chris Branscome is a genius. It even used leitmotifs a bit - in a Flash game, in 2010! I genuinely can't get over how well-made this game is. Even the simple backgrounds seem filled with life, at least for a Flash game. Honestly I found myself paying more attention to them than the actual foreground on my first time around. To top it all off, the gameplay is tight, and though unforgiving it is reasonable.

Honestly, I'm going on about this way too much, but like I said, this game partially defined my childhood. It taught me how to write a dystopia and how to visualize it in my mind - and even now, I long to put those thoughts to paper in a way that could do them justice as well as this game did with clean vectors and simple photographs.



This is decent, but I can't play it after lvl 11 so no no!