Reviews for "Exit Path"


This game has a lot of levels to keep me stuck to the game for a long time! There are many worlds, "flairs," and even multiplayer! Keep it going, jmtb02!

interesting game

very challenging.

best game

its the best game i played till now but its a bit hard

Very good game :D

I really enjoyed this game. the controls were all pretty simple. i only have one concern, if that's what you would call it. i think there may have been something wrong with the crouching sections. i never had to press down to crouch, it did it automatically. i mean, i'm not complaining, haha, i just thought you should know that.

Alright. Too much dying and too much speed.

It was very fun, but too difficult to be "cool". There were ALOT of moments where I thought "Man that would have looked really cool, had he not put spikes there you need to die once to see." Instead of a speed mechanic (totally fucking useless) you should have added a slow motion mechanic where you have more control. I beat it, it was alright. Again, cool runs, but when you continuously die trying to get past an area (level 24) it just doesn't as good.