Reviews for "Exit Path"

Good Fun

It is quite challenging, and I do enjoy the Portal/Running Man-esque story.
A very, very good game. I hope we see a sequel in the future! Very rarely are there games this fast that run as smooth as this game does.


A challenge,which i like,the storyline had some great taste,the whole being free from the government subject,to do what you wish.The running abilities were very interesting,though i got a little frustrated at times.One thing is for sure,the last level is fucking epic,and i love the quote at the end,very inspiring.10/10


This game has a lot of levels to keep me stuck to the game for a long time! There are many worlds, "flairs," and even multiplayer! Keep it going, jmtb02!

interesting game

very challenging.

best game

its the best game i played till now but its a bit hard