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Reviews for "Exit Path"


i fainally beat the game also great muisc and loved the game


This game is annoying as hell. I didn't get very far. I gave up on Test B. I really hated the Rewind Life segment, because it took too long; and the blue streaks left from rewinding after death were annoying to look at. I wish there was a way to toggle it off. Also, blue is like my least favorite color. The rest of the game seems cool, but I found it too difficult. It felt like I had no control over the character. Sometimes it would charge ahead really fast and other times it moved too slow. Anyway, I know that if I just had the patience to keep repeating the same level over and over, that I would get better at it and feel a sense of accomplishment. This is not a game that I would recommend to my personal friends, because they would probably get bored as quickly as I did too; but at the same time, I'm not discouraging anyone from trying this game, because it could very well be their cup of tea. Thank you for the effort involved and maybe I'll give it another chance some day.

Good Fun

It is quite challenging, and I do enjoy the Portal/Running Man-esque story.
A very, very good game. I hope we see a sequel in the future! Very rarely are there games this fast that run as smooth as this game does.


A challenge,which i like,the storyline had some great taste,the whole being free from the government subject,to do what you wish.The running abilities were very interesting,though i got a little frustrated at times.One thing is for sure,the last level is fucking epic,and i love the quote at the end,very inspiring.10/10


This game has a lot of levels to keep me stuck to the game for a long time! There are many worlds, "flairs," and even multiplayer! Keep it going, jmtb02!