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Reviews for "Twaddles of a Flue Faker"

(Just saying beforehand, I don't know anything about music) Really like the beat. Also steampunk tag? I LOVE stuff that's steampunk. So yeah. Its good <.>

steampianist responds:

glad you like it

That beat, that harpsichord (?).

Very fucking cool concept for a song, the only Victorian Ballad I can really recall. Good choice in vocaloid, awesome beat, good samples, great mixing. Everything comes together rather nicely and it creates a really unique experience. There's not really anything I have to compare this to to provide better critique.

However, one thing is that "Laissez" is pronounced Lah-SAY, not LAY-siz. Additionally, the opening chorus sound more unnatural than the rest of the choruses. I'm not sure whether this is intentional or a result of there being less musical elements to cover it, but it's an issue for a very short period and only affects the track in a minor way.

steampianist responds:

Ahh well i think the pronounciation varies depending on the dialect.

Anothing thing is oliver (the vocaloid) sounded funny when saying Lah Say so we went with Lay Sez and decided not to make the Z silent cos it sounds like his saying "lazy fare" plus his 12 and an urchin i think correct pronounciations is the least of his worries hehehe

anyway thanks for the review really appreciate. As for the intro thats the result of either over compression on the vocaloid or lack of details in tuning

Interesting. Very interesting indeed. Kudos to both you and the lyricist. The song has a Halloween type of vibe, especially with that ghostly sound going on in the background. I look forward to the PV! :)

steampianist responds:

yeah it does give out that ghastly vibe and thank you for listening

I don't think I've ever heard somebody mix Vocaloid with steampunk. The result is amazing though. Good work.

steampianist responds:

really now hehe guess im one of the few (if not first) and thanks for listening