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Reviews for "Very Rough Lifting Anim"

nice animating skill

But really, Newgrounds isn't meant to be a place to post incomplete works--although I still see it done. The TOS says no works-in-progress--if I remember correctly.

Actually, you should look up the "Kanook" animation. It's recent to Newgrounds. Over half of it is still in pencil test like yours, but it's pretty long and has great animation--has a Disney feel to the artwork. The beginning has color and looks very professional. I suggest it because the author wants to put together a collab, and your style looks like a perfect fit--if you want.

Your animation is very good, but your guy needs to lift with his back or he'll pull a muscle. High marks this time, but I look around Newgrounds for finished works.

curtiSmith responds:

I'll be uploading a full music video to Newgrounds in the next week, just wanted to try submitting something simple beforehand. Thanks for the feedback and the tips.


A longer animation... and i'll give u a 10 jajaja

curtiSmith responds:

haha, cheers.


lol pretty neat.

curtiSmith responds:

thanks :D

very good :)

looks really good, nice structure and animation. However, I would liek to see a whole piece of work from you. Something with this animation would get quite the attention from the ladies ;)

curtiSmith responds:

haha, isn't that what it's all about? :P Yeah, I'll be submitting a music video in the next week so stay tuned and let me know what you think.

It looks good, but...

... it's still just a rough sketch of a guy lifting a box. It looks like you've got some skills and talent, so put it to work on a full-fledged animation. Warner Bros. didn't release rough sketches of Looney Tunes to audiences just to hear what they though of their drawing style. So you'll get much better feedback from NG'ers if you put together a full flash.

curtiSmith responds:

Thanks, that's true. I haven't submitted to newgrounds before so wanted to start with something simple to see how everything works.