Reviews for "Larry And The Gnomes"


That is all I can say, wow! I played this game like at least 20 times and never got bored! Anyway, a helpful tip on bosses is when you get something on bossed 2 & 3, a text box pops up and helps you. But seriously amazing, I loved the Freak and oranges. 103.72/10


This game is a spectacular online game. From what I have done so far (I am in the last act, getting close to the end), this game is challenging, entertaining, and addicting. The bosses may kick your ass a bit, but once you figure out how to take them down, the victory feels that much better.
One small question though, does this game's story actually happen in the story made from the episodes, or is this just a fun side thing?

Pretty damn sweet

I have no idea what's up with that guy down there but I guess I'll respect his rating by not commenting anything else on it. I thought your game was incredible. It's fast for me, and I don't blame you for not being able to compress it more. The variety of weapons and attacks and enemies was incredible, and you thought of them well. The storyline was hilarious and the bosses were challenging yet beatable. I believe you did a very good job on this. Let's just see if we can bring the star higher. I'll be waiting for more!

freaking epic!

this was so awesome!in fact i wondered if it was worth it to go pee since i havent finished the game.....i chose to pee in my pants


That's the best game i played and trust me i played a hellish of lot games.The Art,the Programming,the Music and the great story was just perfectly put together :).I'm waiting for the sequel or something . :) And Great Job ! 10/10-5/5