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Reviews for "Larry And The Gnomes"

Awesome game!

but, help how do i beat the third boss?

love this game but

i have all the medals for finding the 8 swords but i dont have the sword conissour medal other than that great game

Awsome game!

This is undoubtly one of the best game in newgrounds.
But I don't think the "Kingdom Key" is the best weapon. I mean, sure, it's got
40 damage, but It's a BIG weapon, so it's got a slow swing rate.
"Sting", however is a Short weapon, so Larry can swing it at Twice the
speed of The Key and it's got 30 damage! And by swinging it fast, Larry can avoid
more gnome attacks.
Besides getting it also gets you a medal. Because its the best weapon in the game.

A few tips for the bosses:

Boss 1: The Wizard head. This guy is easy! Use a short weapon and keep attacking him from hiting you. If you go low on health attack the gray gnomes and get the health drop.

Boss 2: Gnome knight. Go to the top of the screen and wait for the ground to shake, then go to the bottom and the knight will throw you a spear, dont get hit by it, it normally will miss. Then pick up the spear and trow it at the... um... boer? Pig? Mountain Boer Mutant? WHATEVER! Thow it at it and it will be stunned. Attack them and jump when the thing slams at the ground. The bonker knight throws his spear at you AGAIN! What a doofus! Dosn't he know that you will just throw it back? Anyway, Repeat untill he is dead.
Boss 3: the hungry crazy mutant zombie freak purple thing. This thing you really got to pity. Because 1. GOD! HE'S UGLY! and 2. Because he would be a major use to Kerryon if it was fed. I mean, he could beat the gnome king if it was fed.
Anyway, throw the freak the fruits and attack it. it will go berserk and charge.
SPRINT JUMP over he's head and repeat.
Boss 4: The Gnome King. First try to find "Sting" If not then "Kindom key". Those are really helpful. Just bash this guy go back to the dark room to get health and use rage whenever possible.



THis game has all the things I at least like. Gnome massacre, having to think at the bosses and a good story and graphics


How do we get cheats? We Beat the Game for em