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Reviews for "Larry And The Gnomes"


I freakin love you man, I want to have your non-homosexual man babies.

But on a more serious note, the game is amazing, I can't wait for more Larry shenanigans, I'll be looking forward to your future works even MOAR now, congratulations on an epic game, well done man.


the time has come...TO KILL GNOMES!!!!!

Great game

There is one bug however.

If you get underneath the king, he can't attack you but you can attack him. It makes him way too easy if you know when to jump

This game is worth playing

Story is original, graphics are very good and controls are perfect. The game is balanced in content. It's been worth playing.

On a side note, Swine guy is hard only because it's hard to figure out that you must throw spears at him. Throwing weapons is not useful besides that.


How can I be sure that I'm not killing Dwarfs instead?!