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Reviews for "Larry And The Gnomes"


This is a great game... OF DOOM!!!!

Decent game,

however the infrequency of checkpoints is MASSIVELY frustrating. I gave up after being chopped into yet another deathgorge by the stupid rotating blades.

Please: More checkpoints after hard battles / groups of stuff.

Jazza responds:

the levels are checkpoints. try playing on an easier difficulty

Very Good

Thousand of weapon and enemies, oceans of blood and lot of loughts, this is a perfect game!! =D

Omg, it's finally out!

Looking at all the stuff you made in the Author Comments, you did a great job on this, and the extra waiting was absolutely worth it!
Shiny '._. ...
10 stars, you absolutely deserve it.


I am stuck in the tutorial. It tells me to go and smash the crate. I do it and get a blue gem. And then I can't see what to do. There are rows of crates blocking the right of the screen, but I cant destroy or jump over them. If i go back to the old guy nothing happens either.

What's going on?
Am I being stupid or have I encountered a glitch or something.

Jazza responds:

there should be an instruction on how to sprint-jump