Reviews for "Larry And The Gnomes"

You can use Frostmourne. Nough said.

I enjoyed the fighting style, and the weapons were awesome. I had fun up to til about the desert level.. the controls are very confusing to start out with, i end up throwing my weapon when I mean to attack, then have to move to just the right spot to pick it up while being attacked. Except for the weapon handling it seems like a pretty fun game

Got the black screen afew times, but apart from that quite enjoyed my gaming session!

Great,i can kill memestar nowxD LEEETS GET ROOIIIGHHT IN TO THE NNUUDES #whatagnome

Amazing game, nice graphics, good storyline i give it a 4/5, and why a 4? well because, some levels are pretty hard to beat, i remember playing this game when i was a kid, and i could get to the forest, even now, i could never beat the game, if i didn't played the hacked version( i did that so that i couldn't get stressed out, and to actually complete the game), so that is my only con, with this game if you like fighting games, and a challenge, well this,my friend, is the perfect game for you.