Reviews for "Larry And The Gnomes"

i just cant get over how much this game brings happy grins all year round!!

the gnomes voice/s remind me of monsters inc IM ALWAYS WATCHING ROZALSCI


the hitting and using weapons from the opponents and stuff are amazing, up to speed and gory!!

the music is very bizarre for this type of game though, could be a little less high

I will rate five stars the very second someone tells me what the flip blip i do

how do you think outside the box when you can't even see outside

i don't get it

This game is absolutely amazing!!
I payed it when I was 7, now I am 16 a this games keeps being very fun!!
The second and third bosses were hard, but I had a lot of action killing themos for second time :3

fuckin radical man people bitching about fighting mecanics just suck at the game

Now in the reviews anyone who has given no stars were just too impatient enough to wait until the intro was over which I agree should have been given a skip option like any other competent game but I digress. I am giving this rating because the combat is so fundamentally broken and unstable. Fighting at any point int the game use results in a shit slinging contest beween you and the AI. The bosses are usually unfair in their attacks holt too much range or come out too quickly. When I got to the second boss and managed to stun him after not knowing what to do for 10+ minutes, I got some hits in, went behind him so that I wouldn't get hit only to take damage out of know wear. Thinking this was just a little bug I kept on fighting only to realize every time he popped out of his stun I would take damage making this boss fight impossible as my health could not beat his in this endurance match esque fight.