Reviews for "Larry And The Gnomes"

Undoubtably the best game on NewGrounds

Amazing game, I could just end with that, and I'm sure everyone who has compleated it will agree with me 100%. The way the game's levels continue, instead of just having one or two scenes, it goes all the way through, right to the end. Could very easily be converted into a platform game for 360 or PS3. Expessially for an internet game, the graphics are exceptional, the story line, perfect. I also loved how the game tied in with "The Legeng of Zelda" with the Master Sword included (proof: the triforce is on the hilt of the blade.) So creators of this game, I thank you very much for all your time that you put into this game, and PLEASE do make more just like this. I'de love to continue playing them, as for this one, expect a 5/5 every day, for every time I replay it.
Once again, amazing game, please make more.

- 420Gamer




i hope this is the next alien homonoid!

gnomes aren't so tough any more lol

nice graphics cool bosses tight combos gotta play more larry games!!!!


i really need to urinate ----- roll CREDITS hahaha
best game on newgrounds so far
ps i got 14 out of 15 gems :(