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Reviews for "Larry And The Gnomes"

Great game BUT

its a truly fun and great game but the bosses are way to hard there are no health gems or anything to help me fight the bosses but other than that its a good game also have settings ex; easy and crap


How do we get cheats? We Beat the Game for em

Amazing Game!

At first the concept of a dude killing gnomes seemed quite silly, but then the game really got engaging and fun. I am once again impressed by awesome graphics and wonderful animations. Larry fits greatly into the game and the storyline is awesome. I just hope for a sequel!

Great Game

But the king is almost imposible to beat, but that's ok I beated him!! oh, and my question is, and sorry if it's stupid, this is canon? it's what is coming on the series?

Epic and left me speechless.

Just "wow" nice game its got Gore, weapons And a awesome hero. Also a big time favorite here on newgrounds.