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Reviews for "Larry And The Gnomes"

The game has been developed with a lot of quality. I like that the authors included a lot fo good features. Weapon swapping and different combos. I didn't like that areas seem to become accesible in certain levels.

I recommend.

Excellent game and I can tell that a lot of hard work and talent went into this. The only thing I would probably suggest is a skip feature at the start and end of the game. But great job. I loved it, from the game play, the story, the animation and voice acting.

This game brings back so many memories! When me and my brother were little, we knew we weren't allowed to play really violent games, but we would be mischevous and play this! We never beat it I will very soon....


A very dynamic and enjoyable game.

Quick question why was this game featured again after over 5 years?

I got all the achievment's! And this is still great site :) good luck guys,greates from Serbia