Reviews for "Caliber"


i found a bug where i would should at a zombie, only to have it go straight through without harming the zombie

So Many Weapons!

You get a 5/5 and a 10/10 for all the weapons. The game play wasn't that bad either.


Great work on this one, loved the variation on the arsenal, can't ever have too many guns :)
A really enjoyable game that I'll be placing in my favorites.
Good job!


Definitely need a sequel and next maybe a story mode you could definitely go places with this man... Good job graphics weren't half bad game play was easy controls were easy and the gun combo were awesome i always picked the Barret .50 cal though lots of multi kills.. That and usually the barret pistol...

Awesome game

The camera's not just limited to what's around your character, multiple gun choices and realistic physics, and difficulty increasing the longer you play survival.

If there was stage or level choice, I'd like it more, but that's just me. I can't play for a long period in just one area.