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Reviews for "The Beast Snacks 1"

Great Job

I enjoyed it alot. There was a volume problem but other then that i cant wait for the next one.

You're all just fucking gay!

Do you not see the true art in this creatistic video series you grimy prick fukks! APPRECIATE IT GOD DAMNIT!!! STOP HATING! Ya know what, Why don't you post something batter... I didn't think so, so just fuck off!

tacobuttfish responds:

Haha, thanks, I'm really getting slammed, and I honestly tried my best at this piece, so I appreciate the few who are seeing the effort


That was really quite good.

Sure the art looked different, but all the things you did in one flash was quite a feat.

Lots of different camera angles and movements that I haven't seen in many flashes these days. Excellent job!

Only Critique I have is sometimes the spoken audio can shatter my ear drums. But I'm poor and I have a shitty mic, so I can't really hold that against you :D

i think i see the start of a new series

i thought it was pretty good. it reminded me of egorapter's dbz-type anime hes trying to make (i cant remember what its called). I dont see any reason y people are giving this bad reviews because i thought it was very good, but in some cases i couldnt really understand it much. For instance when the weakest villager got flicked, instead of being pushed backwards he flew upwards. maybe its just that i dont get it though. I'm not really quite sure why u named the title after an artifact that wasnt even shown in this episode, but it might show up in the next episode. Whatever these people try to say about how you draw or how u have a wierd imagination, just think of it this way, you made your own cartoon and u made it the way u wanted. it dont matter what they think because they are lowly peons whom most you have beaten with your work.
i do think you could improve, but even if you dont like some people are saying, at least you know your better than most in the world.


Dude your art is ok, the only thing you need to work on a little bit is the structure of the story, sometimes things seem to happen out of nowhere. But it was awesome nonetheless, I can see how much work you put into this.


Continue making episodes and keep improving, I'll be rooting for you =D