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Reviews for "The Beast Snacks 1"


The story is bland, nothing new. I've heard it all before-the drawings are SO inconsistent. One time it looks alright and suddenly all the anatomy and proportion is incorrect, like sometimes you traced anime pics and just drew your own character design on top of it, and other times you drew it all yourself. The backgrounds and hte island itself is nicely designed, but the voices could use some work with the constant screeching that kills my speakers. Overall it's unoriginal, the character designs are nothing new and the drawings are inconsistent. Work more and you'll get it better, practice makes perfect after all.

A lot of work and time went into this, but it just doesn't pop out-its nothing new. Nice work for trying so hard though~

hmm could be better

I can tell you tried very hard on this and I'm not criticizing your animation, but you really should avoid overused art styles, also try to keep the audio consistent. I noticed at many points the audio was too loud or quiet, especially in the voices


The story is interesting, but the rest of the video just didn't appeal to me. The names for the main characters (seriously, Sherbert and Pokes?), some voices for characters and even characters themselves were laughable, even when not supposed to be funny, the characters moved slowly but somehow quickly due to the animation, and more. I can see that you worked hard on it, and i see how much effort you put into it, so i'll be nice and give you a 7. Plus it ended with a great cliffhanger. I really want to see the second one

Good first start.

Did I like it? A little. Was the art perfect? No, but some parts it really shined through, and I could at least the video. But as you state this is the beginning, which is to be expected, this is your first and you did this because you love it, nothing more. Did I think the sound effects were louder than the voice overs? Perhaps. But I can see that this was some hard work, which is always commendable. The story was interesting enough that I was willing to watch the whole thing, but sometimes it got hokey enough that I kind of cringed. Does that mean it's bad? No, it just means that it wasn't my cup of tea in certain areas. At least for the tournament, that is. I find the whole tournament story line to be slightly tired and over used. Past that though I found interesting and quite enjoyable, story wise.

So what do I really think about it then?

Like I originally stated, it was a good first start. I think in some parts it could've been polished more; the voice acting would be one point I'd fix, though that appears to be technical error rather than a specific persons. I would also focus on trying to not reuse a lot of the movements for talking (you how you kind of just shifted between two or three faces to make it appear as if it was talking?), it is perfectly fine in the beginning stages of this, but later on try to work on not reusing particular frames. Liked the story by the end of it, enough that I am willing to look into the next episode as soon as it comes out.

7/10, 4/5, and a heart felt encouragement; you need to keep doing what you want, and not let others discourage you. In fact you should rise above what they think of you and come back with a bigger, better, and overall shinier episode that way you can rub it in their faces, knowing that you didn't give up and you rose above the hardships.

Good luck in future endeavors.

look like a slow lego movie

from animation to voice acting its all ok. You should add more frames, make the movement look fluid. The camera angel seem waaay too 2D, even when you try to use angel it still look 2D. The plot and story just don't flow. It is like watching something randomly put together. Stuff just happens.