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Reviews for "The Beast Snacks 1"


nice i likes it.


Cheesy animation
Bad voice acting
Weird story
YET satisfying as hell!

keep going no matter what.

you're intentions for creating a great series are strong and admirable. I like that. I really don't care who's style its similar too. what doesn't look slightly different from another persons styles? nothing.

Generic anime blah blah DBZ hearts dicks blah bleh

Pokes, named thusly for his habit of poking the taints of his victims after a thorough raping.

Sherbert, obviously a lover of Superman ice cream.

well done!

i myself am starting my series after robot day ends!

the only thing i didnt like was how the two main characters fought each other in the first episode--maybe wait longer till they fite, to build it up.. ya know?

otherwise i really loved it!

tacobuttfish responds:

I do definitely see your point, but in this series you'll see that they train with each other so they fight a lot and never hold a grudge against one another, but anticipation and building hate and revenge will have much play in this series in the future! Good luck with your series! PM me when you launch it and I'll check it out!

-Taco Buttfish.