Reviews for "Ball Barrage"


I've played games like this but i like the graphics and the gamestyle of it. It's very unique with the designs of the characters and bosses. But for my taste just a little too easy to beat (cause i beat on my first time ever playing)

excellent game

AWESOME game i loved how u made the bosses a challenge makes the game much more interesting... wasnt too hard which made it beatable to make it fun i love the idea of the upgrades but of course u'd need upgrades for these kinda shooting games haha. and Rani-the-Key-holder did u ever think that maybe u just suck at this game? lol it gets easier as u go through the game n upgrades. great game keep up the good work. =]

Good Game!

Very well put together game. Smooth game play no glitching or lagging, VERY colorful lol. only thing I can add to the Idea Board would be more upgrades maybe, maybe more visually pleasing upgrades as well like different ship models and such. That would throw it well over the top in my opinion. Other then that, definitely worth the play, and I recommend it. Well done!

Too easy

Great game, but compared to other Bullet Hell games I've played (DonPachi, Perfect Cherry Blossom) this game is a breeze.
The music were annoying and there's some pretty bad Engrish, but graphics are nice and it's very fun to avoid the patterns. But yeah, it only lasted a few minutes. Good game, but you should consider tweaking the difficulty.

Touhou for kids :3