Reviews for "Dailybee #020"

3 inches, three stars.

I don't get it. A 3 inch cock made of a bee. 3 stars for the smooth animation part though.

I didn't expect worst

Once again, it had a flow of meaning to my Communist heart...or post-communist heart.

All i saw was PENIS REFERENCE!


I look at this and go, "Huh?" and then understanding dawns upon me. Aaaand then I lost it. To be... I'd say frank but someone might take that the wrong way. Then again it is NG. To be frank I almost don't get it. Almost.

i wish i were a bee

the congnative realities wouldn't mean jack shit

funny story youve developed master!

i put a pretty convincing bee tale of triumph as well :O (airing in 267 hours!!)


it was funny... the music and all but... i really didn't get the end :S anyway greetings!