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Reviews for "The Annoying Little Game"

Pretty Cool

Took me about 15 minutes to complete if that. I gave you a nine cause there are a few bugs. My first time through I had to die in order for the cave transport to show up. And in a few spots it won't let you jump (eg. the moving bridge). Other than that pretty cool.


But how pass the safe bridge?

Safe bridge

where is the trigger???

Not so annoying little game

This game is not annoying at all. Most of the traps are just awesome(especially chikins). Only minus is the number of glitches.

And the INVINCIBLE-medal is not hard to get. All people who complain about it are just lazy bitches who got no patience. Thanks for the game.


To be honest it's not that annoying.. i actually enjoyed it ;)
Some thing were very obvious. And other thing very clever, have to admit. Not just a daily game. This one i will remember. I can understand it would be annoying if you go for the no death medal.

You must make another one MUST. Please..

My favourite part is when he is tripping, cause i like to trip it to every now and than. And it feeld AWESOME. Really try you won't regret it.