Reviews for "The Annoying Little Game"

Quite possibly the most annoying,

frustrating, irritating, AND SOME MORE ADJECTIVES to express how unbelievably irritating and ANNOYING this game is. I hate you so much right now!

Don't be fooled by the rant, this game is fantastic. The author's pitfalls, lies, distrust-inducing text and just absolute disregard of human sanity makes this game pure brilliance.

Very reminiscent of the platformers of old, with the "To win, memorise EVERYTHING IN THE GAME AND PLAY AGAIN AND AGAIN" philosophy making a comeback here.

This is the product of a sick, twisted mind. And I mean that in a good way.

ChrisDaemon responds:

why thank you very much :D


But like the guy below said, the death screen takes long and that's really irritating espacially when it's a game where you die a lot of times.

Also the graphics were a bit sloppy, but other then those 2 thins it's a good game.


The only major downside to this game is that it runed very slow on my pc :(
And the fact I keep geting axed at the first axe choping thingy :<

Really fun!

... but I couldn't get past the "safe bridge" :(

good game

well, it's not as annoying as unfair platformer or iwbtg, but it's still good game.
i really liked the animation and music.
the only problem is that music disappears for some time before looping.
PS beware of the chicken of DOOM!!!