Reviews for "The Annoying Little Game"

can you even get past teh blade

its impossible 2 get past teh blade

Worst Game on Newgrounds

First of all, the lag ingame makes it completely unplayable.
I can't jump when I want to, and I can hold an arrow key down for a full 10 seconds and nothing will happen until I release it, and I shoot 20 feet across the screen, and into a spike pit.

Secondly, there's absolutely nothing fun about this game. There is no real reward for the torture. It doesn't require any skill, just a megaton of patience. There is no indication as to when something is going to appear out of nowhere and murder you.

Lastly, although this is just a tidbit, the loading time on the replay screen is just obnoxious.

All in all, it's not even worth trying.


i dont know wat to say


But how pass the safe bridge?

Pretty Cool

Took me about 15 minutes to complete if that. I gave you a nine cause there are a few bugs. My first time through I had to die in order for the cave transport to show up. And in a few spots it won't let you jump (eg. the moving bridge). Other than that pretty cool.