Reviews for "The Annoying Little Game"

very annoying

nice game you really could get me pissed of this is hard as fuck the only bad thing is that the death sequence is way too long!


A somehow worse version of "I wanna be the flash game". It's a shame, "I Wanna Be The Guy" was an extremely creative and interesting game, but so many people played it and all they noticed was "woah this game is difficult and there are places where you dont expect to die but you do die!!" and did not realize any of the jokes and charm of the game that made it enjoyable.

Anyway, terrible hit detection (game not aligned to a grid, fall through the ground in places), mostly bad art, although some places actually look good but most of the art is very lazy and is clearly made to resemble dumb 4chan mspaint memes. The music is okay I guess but it is very short and there are long pauses before it loops again which is a massive faux pas in games.

Unfun, unfunny, and kind of depressing that you managed to make a game so bad.

Another one

Another unaddicting "Annoying little game", as I said before this isn't fun anymore, Worst of all the traps were pretty obvious on this one, at least to the point where I got so it's missing one of the most important points into making a game like this one.

Anyway, stick figure as main character, badly animated, and just decent scenarios don't help overall. And I guess you were aiming for the slippery walk, just a dirty trick to make it look harder IMHO.


hmmm should I tell you how to get past the safe bridge then? nah i'll let you figure it out but maybe just maybe you need to NOT hit the trigger :)

There have been more annoying

I could just spend this entire review talking about how to avoid all of the obstacles in this game. Some tips are with the axe and the piano, just jump up which stops it from hitting you. I have no idea how that makes any sense, but I would not try to apply logic to this game. Pretty much every game with medals can be annoying little games. I do like the graphics and I think that the obstacles are pretty funny and unexpected. Thank you at least for having the silly high unicorn medal for few cheap points.