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Reviews for "The Annoying Little Game"


I realized I am bad at trial and error as I repeated the same deaths many times. You should definitely upload this music to the Audio Portal, or tell the author to do it if it's not your music.

Pretty Cool

Overall its a nice game but theres a lot of glitches that can get pretty annoying. I'm also not sure if its possible to get the 'INIVINCIBLE' medal.

Loved it

Yes, it was annoying, but not to the point where I wasn't able to complete it easy enough. I loved the text everywhere. And being completely paranoid after seeing any "safe spot" after the first. The only thing I agree with is the lift was missing after I died trying to get on in the first time.. but then I just died and it was back.

Agro ratin: 7

this game is so annotinga nd there a re loads of glithches and it's just weird!

Please make a mute button

la musique est tres ennuyeux. If that was your intention, i hate you.