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Reviews for "Super Ryucopter"


this score makes my statement



Well that was annoying

Movement controls were weird. Would move when I told it to or went the wrong direction. Fix that.

Lochie responds:


very awkward game

Aside from the ryu/ken "ship" being too tall for a side scrolling game, the bosses near the end are unavoidable and you will always end at the end boss with at least minus 2 bars of health because a full bar of hydukens is not enough to kill them.

Then you have the issue of the end boss. There is no way to avoid his lasers and because the ryu/ken "ship is so tall you will always get hit at least twice by the laser eyes and then get hit 2 times by him rolling at you. So you are guaranteed to be hit 4 times before he is even at half health and you must kill him before the second roll or you are guaranteed to be dead.

This is very poor execution, even for a simple shooter game and the "plot" makes the game seem worse to dredge threw. Better to just cut the story and make the game better.


Is there any way to kill the ninja boss? Is there any way to kill bisons head?? No strategy involved. No power ups and no special weapons. This is one of the dumbest games I have played in newgrounds.