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Reviews for "Super Ryucopter"

terrible control

my characters would move on thuier own and i had absolutely no control about half way through, the charachter was jsut gettign thrown around, half the time the shots wouldnt work either


it's just a product of the shoot-tutorial series it seems. And what is with the oversized enemies? they cant be killed, i hit them as fast as possible from the moment they enter the screen and they just don't die. And the story says the moon is crashing to earth, so where do all the enemies come from? And how is the guy flying?

loved the premise...but

first playthrough:
everything was fine until halfway through the ninja level, then they started moving backwards....

second playthrough:
after returning from a pause, the animations for the player object disappeared, but and the background remained as whatever was on the 'pause' screen at the time I paused it, although all other sprites worked....
please fix these issues, game was funny and it would be great if it worked fully.

its hard:(

Where is the joke?!?!

If for you guys "funny" means that u put a guy on top of another and make a retarded game about it, it says a lot about you.

Stupid game centered around the fact that when ryu round-house kicks, it looks like a helicopter. That's it. The rest is CRAP!

Up/Down/Left/Right move, Space (hit repeatedly and with rage!!!!!) to shoot.
Wow! Amazing! Let's frontpage this shit!