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Reviews for "Super Ryucopter"


is the last boss even possible??


yeah it's funny and all but that doesn't make it a good game.
and i hate sidescrollers that make me spam a button instead of just holding it.

grpahics were average, boss to hard without that pause/unpause cheat and I don't get why the kick makes no dmg.

Ok, needs work

sometimes enemies can be higher up than your character can.
(the characters bounce off of the top and can't stay at the very top)
In order to shoot these enemies, once must move the character from down to up.
The hadouken some how is able to shoot the enemies.
Also Hadouken is a Japanese word, don't make it plural (medal)
Hard to beat without cheat btw.

Entertaining, but...

It's a silly game, but it doesn't really have anything going for it besides that. The controls are like running on ice and the voice clips got annoying really fast. This is like those short viral clips you watch, laugh at, then promptly forget about.

woah this games weird in an alright way