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Reviews for "Super Ryucopter"

Seriosuly no mute button?

ITs an okay game but please man add a mute button! (maybe im an idiot n missed it, I tried all the standard stuff press m etc etc but ouch man that music grates my ears) apologies to the creators.. just not my style)


The gameplay isn't anything great, but the game had me chuckling, which made it worthwhile ;)
So don't go playing this game expecting intense, exciting gameplay or anything. It's a joke game, and designed better then most games.

No Chun Li?

Lets add a little racial diversity, shall we?

There is genius and beauty in this

But not enough in that it does get pretty repetitive, and certain enemies just cannot be killed. I can only think of playing this because:
A. The whole idea is epic. Ken doesn't even spin just because Ryu does, and that alone takes BUCKETS OF MANLINESS.
B. Enemy designs are random, but very amusing as a result. Especially those huge guys.
C. "YES! YES!"

Overall, it's still an awesome game. With some minor improvements here and there, it can be even more so.


Intresting idea..hmmm