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Reviews for "Super Ryucopter"

Good funny game

It's definitely a good time waster, but the issue is with the last three bosses. No matter how much you spam hadoken from saving it all up, they would still be able to hit you, especially the last one. I couldn't even see his beam attacks, and the spin is somehow undodgeable. I only got him to about half of his life before I died.

Quit spamming



the controls seem broken the up and down rarely work
the games funny and good but it haz problems

Silly and fun...

...but as others pointed out it has some serious playability issues. It seems impossible to kill most of the large enemies before they hit you, and you are too large to avoid them.

By the time I got to the penguin thing I couldn't even kill them anymore, they just floated through me no matter how hard I spammed the space key, and spam I did as this nifty medal shows.

Very frustrating. I suggest making the large enemies weaker or the hadukens stronger (or both?).

Seriosuly no mute button?

ITs an okay game but please man add a mute button! (maybe im an idiot n missed it, I tried all the standard stuff press m etc etc but ouch man that music grates my ears) apologies to the creators.. just not my style)